What does Center for Self-Organizing Leadership do?

We help people in organizations to hold open and honest conversations in which they experience a release of energy and creativity where meaning and excitement in their work emerges. We facilitate the use of the Process Enneagram© which opens the space for these conversations and moves the people through a structured process of inner and outer work leading to the transformation of their organization. We work with organizations as if they are living systems.

This work is successful in all organizations, for-profits and not-for-profits all benefit.  The specific work the organization is engaged in does not matter; manufacturing, accounting, schools, government, sales organizations, churches, professional organizations and clubs all benefit. We don’t have to know what people do. Our focus is how they want to come together to do their work.

The Center for Self-Organizing Leadership supports this work by:

  • Publishing books for those seeking a publisher for books about this work.
  • Accrediting people who want to become practioners of the Process Enneagram work.
  • Publishing articles and papers about Self-Organizing Leadership.
  • Offering workshops to help people develop their leadership skills.