“Many people have written about a new form of leadership that today’s business environment demands: more organic, less mechanistic, more personal. Unlike most authors, however, Dick Knowles brings practical experience to his message, because he’s lived through it. In The Leadership Dance, Knowles tells of his personal journey from the traditional to modern mode of leadership, and explains in grounded, lucid terms how others can apply it, too. This book is a compelling and engaging read, full of practical insights.”

Roger Lewin and Birute Regine
Authors of Weaving Complexity and Business: engaging the soul at work.


“This book is a unique blend of Knowles’ personal journey, and his intellectual growth combining his experiences of complexity in organizations with his deep understanding of the Process Enneagram© and the way it deepens our knowledge of organizations and how they work. It is an invitation to experiment with models and insights to address issues the reader is struggling with. The Leadership Dance is a robust approach to life and work.”

Dr. Brenda Zimmerman
Associate Professor of Strategy and Organization,
Faculty of Management, McGill University
co-author of Edgeware, Insights from complexity science for health care leaders


“I’m honored to work with Dick, for building Safety and Business Excellenece in companies world-wide, with groups as diverse as coal miners and steel makers to lawyers and accountants. In every single case, I’ve seen results achieved that would have been unheard of using other processes.”
Tim Dalmau
Network Group, AU