Who is the Center for Self Organizing Leadership (C-SOL)?

Our focus is in helping leaders to learn to more effectively lead transformative, sustainable organizational change.

Most organizational change efforts fail because they are working from the paradigm that organizations are machines.

By working out of the living systems paradigm, we have found that organizational change efforts rarely fail.

The Self-Organizing Leadership process involves sharing information freely and abundantly, building trust and interdependence and in helping people to see how they fit into and are important to the success of the whole.

The Center for Self-Organizing Leadership was formed in November 2001 by Claire and Richard Knowles. We brought several other people together who were learning about chaos, complexity and self-organization in studying with Margaret Wheatley.

The original focus was around the Process Enneagram© and it use.


Center for Self-Organizing Leadership is a not-for-profit Educational Center

We have emerged as a community of learning and practice.  Our network is comprised primarily of consultants and practitioners, who adhere to Self-Organizing Leadership Principles in guiding organizations, communities and individuals to achieve extraordinary and sustainable results.  We also draw from academia and those that have high value for continuous learning and development, and those that wish to explore new thinking in arenas for emergent leadership.

The work of the Center for Self-Organizing Leadership is to guide and support people and organizations in finding, recognizing, forming and reforming the inherent leadership capabilities that people within organizations and communities, (or individuals) require today to thrive and become sustainable. We are recognized as a learning organization with global reach.

The business of the Center is to hold periodic learning events and gatherings; we provide instructional opportunities for helping people–especially leaders— to become aware of the current and the possible; to have conversations that help them make sense and work together; to accomplish whatever they want to do more effectively. We also provide a vehicle for accessing and publishing articles within the arena of Self-Organizing Leadership.