Is your organization bogged down with knotty problems that just won’t go away or get resolved?

  •                Do you have undiscussable items that are blocking your progress?
  •                Do you struggle with wicked problems?
  •                Do people in the organization resist change and new ideas?

 Trying to use linear, step-by-step approaches to challenges like these just doesn’t’ work.

Whenever people need to come together to work on knotty problems, you are in the arena of complexity.  Things go around and around, new ideas pop up and things can get messy. There has been a lot written about the theories of chaos and complexity. The theories are fascinating and interesting, but applying them to real world problems is another thing.

My work of the last 25 years has been to find and develop processes and methods that will bridge the gap between chaos and complexity theories and practical applications for leaders in organizations to use. We see organizations as if they are living systems. In seeing them this way everything changes. This approach differentiates our work from just about everyone else. We provide the processes and methods, the insights help people transform their organizations.

Helping people address questions and issues like:

  • Designing a new organization
  • Aligning various functions to the organization’s goals
  • Aligning various departments in city government
  • Developing management and work teams
  • Identifying obstacles to improved effectiveness
  • Changing the safety culture
  • Coaching CEOs, Executives, Managers and Supervisors to more effectively lead.


The Missing Link

I have discovered the Process Enneagram©, which is now seen as possibly the missing link between complexity theory and practical application. It has been used successfully to help organizations map and create their transformations in hundreds of workshops around the world.

“The Process Enneagram© maps are Maps that Never Fail!”

The Process Enneagram© is the only known process of engagement and map that that simultaneously helps people solve complex problems, create the social connections they’ll need to do the work and develops the emotional energy and commitment to do the work quickly and well.

By using the Process Enneagram©, organizations experience the cultural shift to purposeful self-organization and learn the power and strength of leading in this culture. We call this way of leading Self-Organizing Leadership®.

Many articles and several books have been published relating to the Process Enneagram and its use since these early years of the Center.

If you missed the Special Free Training in May 2014, you can receive a link to view the replay – simply click here to get access to the video replay.